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Since 1998, The Payables Management Group has been helping small and medium-sized businesses resolve outstanding financial problems related to aged payables, pending collection matters and overwhelming negative cash flow environments. We provide business consultation and negotiation services designed to help business owners assess, meet and resolve the financial challenges that threaten the going concern their businesses. In short, we help today’s business peacefully resolve cash flow problems with common sense business solutions often without bankruptcy. If you are business owner, CEO, CFO or accounting professional overwhelmed with who to pay, what to pay, and you feel there may be no way out, you may benefit from a restructuring strategy. Our goal is to get you back to running the business and provide realistic solutions that benefit both you and your creditors.

We solve financial problems.

We specialize in:
  • Business mediation and negotiation of aged payables
  • Reorganization without bankruptcy,
  • Rebuilding broken relationships with creditors
  • Industrial, commercial, business and investment capital
We are successful at what we do because our word is our bond. We are effective because:
  1. We make a candid assessment of current circumstances of the business
  2. We take credible positions
  3. We provide plausible solutions

The clients we work with have significantly damaged relationships with vendors and creditors. Most have lost their credibility and they believe that they have exhausted their options for recovery. They are overwhelmed with collection calls, pending lawsuits and most are afraid to answer the phone or the door. If your business is in this situation or about to face it, we’re here to help. We’d encourage you to request a complimentary consultation.

Susan Wulff is the Project Manager of Restructuring Services for the Payables Management Group. As the managing partner of the firm, Susan has been engaged by financially troubled small to mid-sized businesses for over 20 years. Reorganization without bankruptcy is the focus of PMG’s practice. Susan has extensive experience in skilled negotiations with bankers, accountants, lawyers and collectors. She and the PMG Team will assist with:

  • Collection matters that have been turned over to outside collection agencies.
  • Pending collection lawsuits
  • Aged Payables
  • Leases
  • Secured Creditors
  • Banking Relationships
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Debt in Divorce
  • Debt after Death
  • Accounting Services
  • Managing complex multi creditor cases
  • Helping business owners reduce legal fees


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Our firm utilizes proven and contemporary B2B dispute resolution, payables management and restructuring techniques that are designed to save the business and avoid bankruptcy.