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As a business owner, I know your first question.   What is PMG going to do for our business? We begin with an initial assessment.   What got your business in trouble? What is the goal of restructuring?   What in the business needs to change to make it successful?

We identify the team needed to creative an effective strategy. Some of you may have just a few issues that will not require the involvement of legal counsel. Many businesses come to us with hundreds of creditors. In this case it is important to identify legal counsel. If your accounting is not up to speed, we help you identify the team to bring financial clarity to this process.

We now know where you are right now. We realize there may be some very pressing issues. We can immediately make contact with creditors to avoid further action by creditors. In this time, it’s time to put together the budget, strategy, and proposal.   In most cases we are working larger projects that do involve legal counsel.  We look to find skilled lawyers to direct the overall strategy to minimize financial damage and create a winning turn around!

We now have the team, strategy, budget, plan and proposal. By now we have initiated contact with creditors and have been establishing credibility. We have to put plausible solutions on the table that make sense to both parties. This is where we begin our process of selling our plan to your creditors. Expect weekly calls and updates. Expect to be a part of the settlement process.

Keep in mind settlement is a process and it is not an event. We will have to plan, plan and plan again as we evolve through the process. We have regular planning meetings. If creditors have filed suits we will manage all the deadlines and coordinate the lawyers as needed in the process.

Some settlements may come quickly and others may drag out as long at 18 months or longer. The average client is in the practice with us for 18 months.

Call us now. Let’s put you back in business.

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Our firm utilizes proven and contemporary B2B dispute resolution, payables management and restructuring techniques that are designed to save the business and avoid bankruptcy.