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We take an active and aggressive role in helping you and your creditors achieve realistic goals and objectives. With nearly twenty years of experience in this profession, we have seen how a powerful plan of restructuring debt that is thoughtfully created and fully executed can bring a debt ridden business back to profitability. This is not a “Neiman Marcus” experience; this is probably going to be one of the most professionally and personally challenging time of your life. Because desperation and pain are so unbearable, you realize things must change.

As we partner in our client’s effort of resolution and recovery our specific responsibilities include:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Gather financial data
  • Identify the team: Attorneys, CPA, Tax Specialist—The Restructuring Team
  • Understand the circumstances
  • Create a plan and initial action
  • Creating plan of resolution
  • Weekly strategic conference calls, updates and action spreadsheet
  • Daily agendas if necessary
  • Manage the project and manage the restructuring team of attorneys, CPA’s and other professionals
  • Management of all Deadlines
  • Creditor Liaison
  • Build credibility and create platform for settlement
  • Result driven solutions

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Our firm utilizes proven and contemporary B2B dispute resolution, payables management and restructuring techniques that are designed to save the business and avoid bankruptcy.