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Results vary because every situation is different.

Retailer 870,000 in unsecured debt, $200,000 in secured debt and three unprofitable locations. Compnay entered a Ch. 11 to abandon leases. An immediate plan or reorganization was achieved without formal plan of reorganization. Company restructured debt for 30 cents on the dollar payable over seven years. The company remained a viable going concern and creditors continued to profit rather than losing a good long standing customer of 30 years.

Circuit board manufacturer largest customer files for bankruptcy leaving the manufacturer totally under water.   The manufacturer is now sitting on lack luster revenues and $2MM of trade payable debt. We entered into settlement with the creditors over 18 months. The debt was settled for about 30% of what was owed and the because of our involvement the CEO got back to managing the business rather than managing creditors. The company replaced the lost customer with three new ones.

Truss manufacturer sitting on $1mm in payables restructures debt over 12 months for about 25% of total debt. The company took strong measures to clean up disastrous accounting issues.   Since this time and two years later the company is extremely profitable with a vision to expand into other cities.

Small business owner funded his business with credit cards. Business fails but he is sitting on $210,000 of credit card debt.   He went to see bankruptcy counsel. Rather than file bankruptcy we entered settlement strategy with the credit cards and settled most of the debt for about 28% of what was owed to the credit card companies.

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