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Your Role

Our ability to assist you and your business begins with you. If we are to succeed it will only be because of the information and direction you provide us. That effort is a two-step process and begins with a meeting and a plan. This is what we will need from you, in two parts:

What We Need – Part 1

  • Complimentary confidential consultation – We need to meet, hear about you and the company, to understand what path the company took that lead it to where it is today. From this meeting, we can see if your business is a good candidate for a restructuring plan. This meeting also allows you to feel comfortable with us before the relationship begins.
  • List of Realistic Goals Clearly Stated – At this point and before we begin the process we need to discuss your goals and objectives. Those options change as the business becomes less viable so it is important we know what the goals are for your business.

If both parties agree that there is a path to the goal then the work begins.

What We Need – Part 2

  • Current P & L and Balance sheet – Many clients have books and records in shambles. We need to know what we’re working with before the project begins. Candor and transparency allow us to put the necessary steps in place to bring your accounting up to date so you know every day where you are financially in the business.
  • Cost of Operation – It is important that we know your fixed monthly costs; what does it cost to run your business every month?   It is important o not account for payments you are making to creditors. We need your fixed overhead costs.
  • Payables – How much money are you paying to aged payables now each month?
  • Budget – How much money can you dedicate to a budget each month for a restructuring aged payables strategy?
  • Creditors – Provide a comprehensive list of your creditors by category: Secured Creditors, Unsecured Creditors, Mortgage Creditors and Taxing Agencies.
  • Lawsuits and Collection Activity – Provide a list of all accounts in collection and any lawsuits filed with status of each case. Call or email us for the spreadsheet to complete this data.
  • Be prepared to get productive and actively involved in your recovery. Dealing with  a debt ridden company is a negative environment. That is what creates change.  We want to create a positive uplifting environment. You can chose to be expired by debt or inspired by PMG. Upgrade your financial life and you may find a healthy, happy life.

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